Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

This has been such a semester!  Our family has been on a roller coaster of events, emotions, and exhaustion for quite a while.  Last week, before classes were out, Michael started feeling bad as if he were coming down with something.  It hit him Friday, the last day of classes.  By Saturday, I had it. I didn't go to Church on Sunday, but Hubby did as bad as he felt.  The kids had moved heaven and earth to get the week off so that we could make our annual trek to Tennessee to see Michael's family. We had hoped to spend a day or two at Ridgecrest, but by Sunday night, we knew pretty sure we would be staying home.  
This is the best thing that could have happened to us. We both feel like we had the flu--all the symptoms except a significant fever.  How could the flu at Thanksgiving be the best thing?  It forced us off our feet.  We stayed put. The kids stayed put. John Thomas caught up on heavy school work. and James Martin was able to get some rest and perspective. Ima Virginia was in sore need of rest, too. She was able to spend a day Christmas shopping with a friend (who had also been sick). 
By Wednesday,we were feeling a little better, and John Boy had completed a major research paper. We celebrated by going to Outback for supper. Michael said that was our vacation.  The kids love getting the "Bloomin Onion" and they brought us the biggest one I have ever seen with an extra serving of the dipping sauce.  Everyone loved it.  We don't have Church on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving because so many are home working on the next day's menu items.  We went to the grocery store after planning our dinner for Thanksgiving. It was nice to be out and about, and it was wonderful to be together.
Today, Virginia, James Martin, and I worked on the dinner.  She made the bean casserole, the broccoli casserole and the sweet potatoes.  I bought some of the Sister Schubert rolls John Thomas loves so much. James Martin made a cream cheese dessert, and helped with the casserole prep.
We had a small turkey breast, a nice little ham, tea, cranberry sauce, dressing.  
This was the first Thanksgiving we have had here together since we moved here. We always go to Tennessee. We missed seeing everyone for sure, but we pulled it all together and had such a good day. I even bought a package of hambones for all the dogs. Each of the dogs had his/her own bone to eat on all day.  
We watched TV and played games after dinner (and our naps).  It was just such a good day.  We have ALL had much-needed rest this last week, and I am especially grateful for that.
Hope your day was restful and filled with love of family!


Sandra said...

Funny when I read the word Ridgecrest. That was the name of the town that we spent most of our lives raising our family. Of course in a different state! Your meal looks quite delicious. Hope everyone is feeling better. We had a nice meal and have been enjoying our family visiting with us. We are tired but happy.

Cross Stitching Mom said...

Yes, our Ridgecrest is over here just a few hours drive into NC from our house. Is your's in ND?I am glad you all had a good visit!!We are all definitely over the worst of everything with that bug. So grateful to be feeling better. Lots to be thankful for this year!

Sandra said...

Our Ridgecrest was in California and it is all desert; near to Death Valley. It had beautiful mountains that you could easily go to and see snow in the winter time. So much change from desert to mountains with tall pine trees. Loved it all, we miss the mountains the most.