Monday, October 30, 2017

Dad has Spoken

My goodness, have we had a week!  So much going on in every direction. I am usually the town crier talking about how much we have to do and how scattered everyone seems to be. But, it was Dad's turn this weekend.  He declared three interesting things this weekend, in the span of less than 48 hours:
1. We have to say "no" to anything we can this week.
2. I feel better when everyone is at home.
3. I'll be glad when she gets back (referring to our daughter).

If I say these things, no big deal--business as usual.
BUT  . . .
when Dad says them, he must be pretty worried about everyone. 

The good news is that although our oldest was worried about his Hebrew class, he is pulling through. With our blessing, he asked for a lighter work schedule to help him have more study time for his course load. He made a good grade on the mid term. He had thought about dropping the course, but the professor said "don't push the panic button" before the exam. Turns out, he is going to be ok.
Our middle son is  awaiting on word from his application to graduate school.  I think he is going to make it. 
Dear daughter has had some tough lessons this week, but is handling them well. 
I think we will all be home late tonight and maybe tomorrow night!
Maybe a good popcorn night!

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