Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thoughts on Laundry, Life, and Love

Those of you who follow the cross stitching home blog know that we have been " round and round" with our laundry appliances with the happiest of endings here recently. I am SOO grateful for the repaired dryer and the new washer.  Yesterday, I reached a milestone I probably haven't reached in more than a year:  all of the boys' laundry is clean, including sheets, blankets, comforters, towels and EVERYTHING.  I can't tell you what this means to me.
I am the queen of complaining, but I want to say this --I love being able to do things for our family. I am not a good housekeeper, although I want to be. I am not an especially good laundress, but I try my best to be. Life is about doing the best you can and balancing the failures with the victories. 
Doing something for the family, something that the world would see as mundane or silly, makes me as happy as anything in life--a basket full of clean, white socks that smell of Downy and bleach; twin  stacks of jeans folded and sorted for our two towers; clean sheets on EVERYONE's beds, waiting for them to fall into after working hard all day! True accomplishments!
Years ago, my sister in law was telling me how happy she was that she and her husband were going to be able to help one of their grown sons pull up his carpet and put down new flooring. I understand that now more than ever.  
Love is in the small things.

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