Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tender Thoughts for the Day--Losses and Gains

This week has already been "something else" and there are more events on their way.
Saturday, we went to do some shopping for a trip I am taking this week, and when I returned home, I could feel something different on my ring finger. Lo and behold, my diamond had fallen out of my engagement ring. I have had that ring for 26 years. I don't know what in the world I will do.  The monetary loss doesn't bother me, but Michael picked out this ring for me--I think today the thing to do is for the bride-to-be to pick out what she wants.  But mine meant so much because he picked it out.  My finger is so much fatter than when we were married, I don't know if I can get the ring off without having it cut, but I have to do something because the prongs are pointed and sharp. The Lord will show me what to do.
Virginia has started working. I have mixed feelings, and they are working her very hard. She has had a recurring UTI and we are going to have to address it with a specialist, I think. I am grateful for having access to the doctor.
Friday, I  will be going to see a half-brother who just learned of my existence this year. I can't believe how marvelous this is. His daughter, my niece, has treated me like she has known me all her life. 
It has been a very different summer. 

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