Friday, July 21, 2017

The Latest Yarn

Sorry to have been so long between posts. This is a quick snapshot of my latest--yes, I started something new with lots of things waiting in the queue to be finished. Years ago, I played around with the soft colors, and I loved it. I am just making an 8 x 8 throw ( 8 squares x 8 squares) with a few border rows around it.  I want to put this on the foot of our bed. Now for the fun part:  in the border, I will use the pink and ivory colors AND a mystery color. Can anyone guess what that mystery color will be?  Dear daughter figured it out. We'll see.

We had a blip on our finances thinking that our summer pay would arrive on a certain date when it actuality it was destined to arrive two weeks later. Thinking the pay was on its way, I bought this bag of yarn from a company in England. It actually cost less than a comparable trip to Hobby Lobby. I felt terrible about buying it after we found out about our summer pay, but it is ok. With shipping it was just over $40 USD. Not the best timing in the world, but I learned a valuable lesson without a terrible catastrophe.     

This is from a company that distributes the yarns used in projects by Lucy at Attic 24. Here is another photo of the colors of this yarn from Lucy's site.

I may make squares, but I am not sure. I might do a striped granny.  The colors are something else. I thought the yarn would be wool, but it is acrylic, and it is very soft like the Hobby Lobby yarn. I am glad it is not wool. 

This has been a summer of many wonderful gifts from the Lord. 

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