Sunday, July 23, 2017


Virginia has taken on the task of making 3 skirts for a friend's wedding party (the bridesmaids). It is going to be a small, lovely wedding-maybe the best kind! The girls are all three very different sizes (Virginia is one of them).  Each of the skirts are a shade of purple with tule on top.  She is having trouble with the sewing machine's tension setting. I have no ability to help her, but she has contacted a couple of friends who know their way around a sewing machine. Used to be that every small town had at least one Sew n Vac- type store where you could take your machine.  This is a new machine that we bought for her not too long ago. Her friends gave her some tips on how to deal with the problem until we can get it fixed. Yesterday before she went to work, she had the fabric all spread out in her room. It looked like a purple sea.  I will take some pictures to post soon. 

Virginia's best friend, Sarah, has completed a BEAUTIFUL quilt.  She sent me these pictures. I know she really enjoyed working on this project.

Isn't that beautiful?

Sarah's mom, Miss Sheila, has made some LOVELY afghans.  I need to ask her if I can post some pictures of them to keep me inspired and working on mine!

When Sarah sent these pictures, she talked about how much she enjoyed working on the quilt.  It really is a good feeling to have a project going--something pretty to make-an attainable goal to work toward reaching with something really nice as a finished reminder of your diligence.   
Well done, Sarah!


Prairie Patchwork Quilts said...

Good luck to Virginia on making the skirts. With all her other talents I am sure they will turn out beautiful. The quilt turned out wonderful and Sarah should be proud. I love having projects; and enjoy working on them while they are a work in progress and then enjoy them again when they are completed.

Cross Stitching Mom said...

Yes, HALF THE JOY comes from the working on it...having something to do that is fun. SORRY ABOUT THE typing; I am on my tablet. I will gather pictures when she is done with the skirts. Hope you are having a good week at home!