Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Crayola Crisis at our Home

I have to share this story about what happened at our house the other night.  The boys and I drug out the coloring books, paper, pencils and crayons and turned on Audible to Ivanhoe.  Virginia was trying to work on her skirts. Dad came in and joined us, and proudly brought his own box of crayons that he had just bought at Wal-Mart (this is the time of year that the 24-pack is on sale for 50 cents, and we feel obligated to purchase at least one box). I was initially surprised that he did this--usually he does the crossword puzzle in the latest issue of his beloved Sword of the Lord. We are coloring along, pretty as you please, and Michael hands me his box of crayons and says, "smell these."  The wonderfully familiar Crayola scent was not there! In fact, they smelled pretty bad. We came up with all kinds of explanations--and all four of us are smelling our older crayons and these crayons . . . it was a sight to see! Had Crayola changed the formula? 
We went back to Wally World the next day to get something and hubby went over to the crayons to see if all of the new batch smelled this way--It might just be the end of an era!
Well, it was so funny to see us smelling those crayons.  We were low key, but I am sure someone noticed. Anyway, to our relief, the other boxes smelled normal. Civilization can continue as before.
He figures there must have been something wrong with that box, and it wasn't a harbinger of doom of things to come in crayola production!

We have a big box where we keep our smaller boxes of crayons and all of the supplies we use. There are quite a few "orphans" floating around in the big box--crayons without a home. I remember that I always liked keeping my crayons in a cigar box like this one-

My maternal grandfather would take me down to the "news stand" and buy me a book. The wonderful gentleman who ran the business would always keep the cigar boxes for kids who wanted them for crayons. I must have had a dozen.
We try to tell the kids, and I think they understand better now that they are young adults, that the simplest pleasures are the best and make the best memories. 

Here is a picture from one of our parties some time ago . . .


Prairie Patchwork Quilts said...

What a wonderful story to share. So happy that your family shares time all together. Yes, life's simple pleasures are often the best of all memories.

Cross Stitching Mom said...

Thank you, Sandra. We have been doing this for so long. I hope they will continue it with their kids!