Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Busy Week At the Ponderosa

What a week here at home!  The week has been a pretty good one, but so busy.  The start-up activities getting ready for the new school year have begun. The kids have been put on some tough work schedules--Dear Daughter and Dear Son 1 have had their share of 11-hour shifts. Dear Son 2 is enjoying things at the donut shop, but it has had its own challenges. They had a day when friends and family could come in to get whatever they want, and we certainly enjoyed that. We were able to talk to his boss, and he seems to really like JM.  JM is so tall and big-built that he is able to help with a lot of the moving work.  I think that has been a blessing.   Virginia got her learner's permit, and on the same day,  took the ACT for official admission into the university (as opposed to the dual-enrollment status she has had the last two years).  She is still working hard on the skirts for the wedding. Two of the three are almost done.

A happy spot this week has been the arrival of a couple of the boys' friends to visit for the weekend.  One has been staying with us, and it has been a lot of fun.  The other night, they all went to the Chicken House together, and Virginia took this picture.  This has been great. Our visitor, Josh, has been a friend to all our kids for 4 years.  Nathan has been friends with them for even longer.

Today, everyone was scattered in their own directions, and M and I sat and watched westerns most of the afternoon.  We watched Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone, and The Virginian. I made a little progress on the pink and cream afghan. Having done a lot of housework getting ready for Josh, I didn't have as much to do. That was really nice. I am going to make a pot of chilli


Prairie Patchwork Quilts said...

How is it as a young child "summers" seemed to last forever. As we grow older the time seems to pass so much more quickly. Its back to school time already; or at least time to get ready. Sounds like it was a good weekend for all of you. Happy you had time to do some crochet. The pot of Chili sounds great.

Cross Stitching Mom said...

Sandra, thanks. Yes, we enjoyed the chilli. I serve it over fritos (or spaghetti for Michael) and top it with cheese and sour cream. No calories whatsoever! Haha! It was such a good weekend. We all needed that--and I don't have to get it before the sun tomorrow morning. I think this is the first Monday in forever I have been able to say that!