Sunday, July 30, 2017

What a Great Weekend

This has been such a great weekend--we had a wonderful visit from a young man who has been a friend to all of the kids for 4 years.  Everyone had something special and fun to do with friends Friday and Saturday. Last night with everyone back home, we all watched an episode of  Father Brown together, enjoying our favorite meal of "petros." 
Josh went to church with us this morning; his father pastors a church very similar to our's.  Everyone was tickled to have him.  Today was communion Sunday, and it was a blessing for all of us.
Tonight being a 5th Sunday, we had something different in the evening service:  we all went out to the fellowship hall and watched  Joni . The story is a wonderful today as it was when it was first released in 1979.  We watched the whole thing in one sitting (complete with popcorn, cookies and cokes).  We got home a little bit later, but that was just fine. We had BLT's for a late supper and watched The Andy Griffith Show.

I can't think of a more relaxing way to end one week and prepare for the next. 
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Busy Week At the Ponderosa

What a week here at home!  The week has been a pretty good one, but so busy.  The start-up activities getting ready for the new school year have begun. The kids have been put on some tough work schedules--Dear Daughter and Dear Son 1 have had their share of 11-hour shifts. Dear Son 2 is enjoying things at the donut shop, but it has had its own challenges. They had a day when friends and family could come in to get whatever they want, and we certainly enjoyed that. We were able to talk to his boss, and he seems to really like JM.  JM is so tall and big-built that he is able to help with a lot of the moving work.  I think that has been a blessing.   Virginia got her learner's permit, and on the same day,  took the ACT for official admission into the university (as opposed to the dual-enrollment status she has had the last two years).  She is still working hard on the skirts for the wedding. Two of the three are almost done.

A happy spot this week has been the arrival of a couple of the boys' friends to visit for the weekend.  One has been staying with us, and it has been a lot of fun.  The other night, they all went to the Chicken House together, and Virginia took this picture.  This has been great. Our visitor, Josh, has been a friend to all our kids for 4 years.  Nathan has been friends with them for even longer.

Today, everyone was scattered in their own directions, and M and I sat and watched westerns most of the afternoon.  We watched Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone, and The Virginian. I made a little progress on the pink and cream afghan. Having done a lot of housework getting ready for Josh, I didn't have as much to do. That was really nice. I am going to make a pot of chilli

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Crayola Crisis at our Home

I have to share this story about what happened at our house the other night.  The boys and I drug out the coloring books, paper, pencils and crayons and turned on Audible to Ivanhoe.  Virginia was trying to work on her skirts. Dad came in and joined us, and proudly brought his own box of crayons that he had just bought at Wal-Mart (this is the time of year that the 24-pack is on sale for 50 cents, and we feel obligated to purchase at least one box). I was initially surprised that he did this--usually he does the crossword puzzle in the latest issue of his beloved Sword of the Lord. We are coloring along, pretty as you please, and Michael hands me his box of crayons and says, "smell these."  The wonderfully familiar Crayola scent was not there! In fact, they smelled pretty bad. We came up with all kinds of explanations--and all four of us are smelling our older crayons and these crayons . . . it was a sight to see! Had Crayola changed the formula? 
We went back to Wally World the next day to get something and hubby went over to the crayons to see if all of the new batch smelled this way--It might just be the end of an era!
Well, it was so funny to see us smelling those crayons.  We were low key, but I am sure someone noticed. Anyway, to our relief, the other boxes smelled normal. Civilization can continue as before.
He figures there must have been something wrong with that box, and it wasn't a harbinger of doom of things to come in crayola production!

We have a big box where we keep our smaller boxes of crayons and all of the supplies we use. There are quite a few "orphans" floating around in the big box--crayons without a home. I remember that I always liked keeping my crayons in a cigar box like this one-

My maternal grandfather would take me down to the "news stand" and buy me a book. The wonderful gentleman who ran the business would always keep the cigar boxes for kids who wanted them for crayons. I must have had a dozen.
We try to tell the kids, and I think they understand better now that they are young adults, that the simplest pleasures are the best and make the best memories. 

Here is a picture from one of our parties some time ago . . .

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Virginia has taken on the task of making 3 skirts for a friend's wedding party (the bridesmaids). It is going to be a small, lovely wedding-maybe the best kind! The girls are all three very different sizes (Virginia is one of them).  Each of the skirts are a shade of purple with tule on top.  She is having trouble with the sewing machine's tension setting. I have no ability to help her, but she has contacted a couple of friends who know their way around a sewing machine. Used to be that every small town had at least one Sew n Vac- type store where you could take your machine.  This is a new machine that we bought for her not too long ago. Her friends gave her some tips on how to deal with the problem until we can get it fixed. Yesterday before she went to work, she had the fabric all spread out in her room. It looked like a purple sea.  I will take some pictures to post soon. 

Virginia's best friend, Sarah, has completed a BEAUTIFUL quilt.  She sent me these pictures. I know she really enjoyed working on this project.

Isn't that beautiful?

Sarah's mom, Miss Sheila, has made some LOVELY afghans.  I need to ask her if I can post some pictures of them to keep me inspired and working on mine!

When Sarah sent these pictures, she talked about how much she enjoyed working on the quilt.  It really is a good feeling to have a project going--something pretty to make-an attainable goal to work toward reaching with something really nice as a finished reminder of your diligence.   
Well done, Sarah!

Friday, July 21, 2017

A James 1: 17 Week

The Lord has brought good and perfect gifts into our lives-
Charlie and Janice.  They are two of the most wonderful people I have met.

 I am sending all of these to be printed. 
Our Sunday school lesson this week is about gratitude to God 
"To Him who alone doeth great wonders . . ."
He has certainly done a great wonder for my family.

My nephew Bruce; brother, Charlie, and niece, Kathy.
Treasures all.

The Latest Yarn

Sorry to have been so long between posts. This is a quick snapshot of my latest--yes, I started something new with lots of things waiting in the queue to be finished. Years ago, I played around with the soft colors, and I loved it. I am just making an 8 x 8 throw ( 8 squares x 8 squares) with a few border rows around it.  I want to put this on the foot of our bed. Now for the fun part:  in the border, I will use the pink and ivory colors AND a mystery color. Can anyone guess what that mystery color will be?  Dear daughter figured it out. We'll see.

We had a blip on our finances thinking that our summer pay would arrive on a certain date when it actuality it was destined to arrive two weeks later. Thinking the pay was on its way, I bought this bag of yarn from a company in England. It actually cost less than a comparable trip to Hobby Lobby. I felt terrible about buying it after we found out about our summer pay, but it is ok. With shipping it was just over $40 USD. Not the best timing in the world, but I learned a valuable lesson without a terrible catastrophe.     

This is from a company that distributes the yarns used in projects by Lucy at Attic 24. Here is another photo of the colors of this yarn from Lucy's site.

I may make squares, but I am not sure. I might do a striped granny.  The colors are something else. I thought the yarn would be wool, but it is acrylic, and it is very soft like the Hobby Lobby yarn. I am glad it is not wool. 

This has been a summer of many wonderful gifts from the Lord. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tender Thoughts for the Day--Losses and Gains

This week has already been "something else" and there are more events on their way.
Saturday, we went to do some shopping for a trip I am taking this week, and when I returned home, I could feel something different on my ring finger. Lo and behold, my diamond had fallen out of my engagement ring. I have had that ring for 26 years. I don't know what in the world I will do.  The monetary loss doesn't bother me, but Michael picked out this ring for me--I think today the thing to do is for the bride-to-be to pick out what she wants.  But mine meant so much because he picked it out.  My finger is so much fatter than when we were married, I don't know if I can get the ring off without having it cut, but I have to do something because the prongs are pointed and sharp. The Lord will show me what to do.
Virginia has started working. I have mixed feelings, and they are working her very hard. She has had a recurring UTI and we are going to have to address it with a specialist, I think. I am grateful for having access to the doctor.
Friday, I  will be going to see a half-brother who just learned of my existence this year. I can't believe how marvelous this is. His daughter, my niece, has treated me like she has known me all her life. 
It has been a very different summer. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thoughts on Laundry, Life, and Love

Those of you who follow the cross stitching home blog know that we have been " round and round" with our laundry appliances with the happiest of endings here recently. I am SOO grateful for the repaired dryer and the new washer.  Yesterday, I reached a milestone I probably haven't reached in more than a year:  all of the boys' laundry is clean, including sheets, blankets, comforters, towels and EVERYTHING.  I can't tell you what this means to me.
I am the queen of complaining, but I want to say this --I love being able to do things for our family. I am not a good housekeeper, although I want to be. I am not an especially good laundress, but I try my best to be. Life is about doing the best you can and balancing the failures with the victories. 
Doing something for the family, something that the world would see as mundane or silly, makes me as happy as anything in life--a basket full of clean, white socks that smell of Downy and bleach; twin  stacks of jeans folded and sorted for our two towers; clean sheets on EVERYONE's beds, waiting for them to fall into after working hard all day! True accomplishments!
Years ago, my sister in law was telling me how happy she was that she and her husband were going to be able to help one of their grown sons pull up his carpet and put down new flooring. I understand that now more than ever.  
Love is in the small things.