Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time to Get Out the Crayons

We are about to have another week of break for Holy Week. This is the kindest school calendar I have ever known.  We have had an interesting week with lots of thunderstorms, rain, and WIND.  Due to the hail from a couple of weeks ago, we have a new roof.  The woman from the Corporate office of our insurance company called with the notion that we were opportunists trying to take advantage of the scenario to get a new roof.  She came to the house (from Chicago!) and climbed on the roof herself.  I was a little perturbed--not that she came, but that she came with this predisposition.  We have lived here about 14 years and have NEVER made any kind of claim on our insurance, paying our premium (first as renters, then as owners) faithfully to a local agent we hold in high regard.  After  her "walk around" on the roof, she said, "yeah, and we'll get you some new gutters, too. How about that bird feeder? How much did you pay for that?" I was stunned. Michael took it all in his usual stride. Everything ended very cordially and professionally. 
We had the roof done this Tuesday--with rain and storms the day before and the day after. It was amazing. Our neighbor had damage that extended into his house, so the roofers are over there today. 
Anyway, we are settling into the week's wind down.

I told John Thomas, "it's time for a coloring party." He said, "I'm for that."
So, we can plan on one next week since he has to work Friday and Saturday.
We are all big Crayola enthusiasts, so we all try to keep up with the changes in the products; we were sad to learn that the color "Dandelion" is being retired. It is one of his favorite colors. We have plenty of them in the house to set aside as artifacts to show the grandchildren!