Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trying to Gather Thoughts, Capture Time, and Move in the Right Direction

Years ago, I followed a blog called "Raggedy Janet's Country Home."  This beautiful blog was a source of encouragement from a mom who homeschooled her three children. She often spoke of "busyness" and the dangers associated with it.  I think time slips through the cracks of life when we are so busy we don't know what we're doing. An insidious aspect of this is that you can easily slip into the routine of "busyness" neglecting the importance of taking time together to do what is really important.  A couple of expressions come to mind--we have all heard these, but they bear repeating:
1. The enemy of best is good.  (Amen to that!)
2. Stop and smell the roses.

A new watchword in popular culture today is to live "intentionally." I usually hate cliches and phrases of the day, but this one has a place in the discussion. If we do not live INTENTIONALLY, we will live in a way we didn't intend to at all. 
Hubby and I are blessed beyond measure to have the kids at home now.  When we were their ages, we were in colleges far from home. I am so happy that they are still here and still want to be here. But I feel that our youngest is losing track of what is best in the face of so many things that are good. 
Life at college has completely swallowed her senior year of high school, and the demands of her schedule have pushed away some of the things she needs to do at home with her school work. Her college grades are exemplary, but she is so tired when she gets home, she really doesn't do much. 

I have specific prayers for all of our children:
1. That they will add to their lives Christian friends who treat them the way they treat their friends. I pray this especially for DS 2. He often feels isolated. 
2. That they will work harder at spending time with the Lord in a personal way.
3. That they will put down their phones and pick up a book.
4. That they will find the RIGHT individuals for dating . . . and marriage.

5. We ALL need to stop, smell the roses, count the blessings and sit quietly amongst them. 

We went to South Carolina the other day, and the best part of it was just being together in the same spot. 

Lord, I pray today that You would show me what to do to better manage my time and to better help them to manage theirs. 
I love You, Lord.



living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I am so glad you want to remember to stop and smell the roses, because everything in this life is but for a short season. I still miss having my children at home! But those years we had together were worth their weight in gold!
May all your children have fruitful lives and enjoy their families and to read more books :o)
Blessings, Roxy

Homeschoolmom said...

Roxy, thank you for your encouraging comment! I appreciate your blog and the emphasis you place on taking care of your husband, family and home.