Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Piano Girl

Friday night there was a performance of some of the participants from last Saturday's Music Festival.  Virginia loves to play on these grand pianos. 
She found this dress in SC when we went to Belk's to get Michael some shoes. She had looked longingly at the dress earlier last year, but it was just way too much.  It had been marked down to about $14 when we were there Thursday!  There was only one left, and it was her size!

This was her 11th year in the Piano Festival. The boys participated for about 9 years.  Their teacher, Mrs. Ann, has meant the world to them over the years.  She has taught them much more than piano. She believes in the old fashioned virtues of deportment, courtesy, and professionalism. If you make a mistake when playing, keep going. Always be gracious. Always treat others with kindness. 

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