Thursday, February 9, 2017


I love this blog, but haven't posted on it in a while.  We are all hip-deep in school work, Church responsibilities, and everyday life.  Added to that was a flu-bug that fell on Michael about a week ago. He is far from 100% but is doing better. John Boy thinks he is coming down with it, too. I had a mild version, but feel much better today, owing largely to the amount of chocolate and Diet Mountain Dew I consume.
Pictured above is a little Calico Critters set I bought for Dear Daughter.  She had some of these Calico Critter toys when she was younger, and she still loves them. I thought she would like the little piano, flute, and violin.
Updates on the Boys:  James Martin is having a good term. He is LOVING his library work and his classes.   He is working on his capstone (senior paper). We fixed up a table in his room where he can put all of the books and papers he is using for the paper.
John Thomas is having a good term--he is completing his first year in the grad program. He is also working still at the Chicken House. He has a good working relationship with the people there, and they know they can depend upon him. 

Hope you're all enjoying the pretty day wherever you are. 

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