Wednesday, February 15, 2017

May I Have My Chalk Board Back, Please?

Our college had a nice blend of old and new as they work hard to have a good teaching and learning environment. I really do appreciate the technology, although I don't understand it all, at our fingertips. Today, I showed a good movie off of You Tube about the Glorious Revolution. Gone are the days when we have to lug in VCR's or even DVD players. It is all at our fingertips.  However, it is difficult for me to understand what plugs into where and how.  I thankfully had one of my own children in the class to help today. James Martin came to the rescue when it came time to get everything set up. I will have to master this myself since he is GRADUATING this semester! Many of us remember the old filmstrip projectors and the record that BEEPS when it is time to go to the next frame. Having said that, I do miss my chalkboard. I have a dry erase board now, and I like it, but I miss the chalk board.  [ I had to teach one semester in a classroom with one of the SMARTBOARDS--I  didn't think I would make it]. All of this AV stuff helps make the class room more entertaining, but there is no substitute for putting pen to paper and chalk to the board and TEACHING through lectures, reading and good note taking.

I am troubled, too, by the shrinking attention spans young people have today.  This problem is often exacerbated by a touch of rudeness. Today, after a "multi-media" class with film accompanying the lecture, a student had found one of the poems mentioned in the lecture.  He was going to read a bit of it . . . that showed a lot of initiative, I thought. The entire time he was reading, however, they were all packing up their books to go.  The only exception was James Martin (our youngest son) who sat listening. 

These are not bad students or students that are rude beyond how their generation usually acts. I was just a little surprised.  I have had some heart-to -hearts with them this semester, and I don't think anything I have said or done has really changed their ability to see themselves. 
Oh well . . .
I am grateful for them and the fact that I have this position.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


I love this blog, but haven't posted on it in a while.  We are all hip-deep in school work, Church responsibilities, and everyday life.  Added to that was a flu-bug that fell on Michael about a week ago. He is far from 100% but is doing better. John Boy thinks he is coming down with it, too. I had a mild version, but feel much better today, owing largely to the amount of chocolate and Diet Mountain Dew I consume.
Pictured above is a little Calico Critters set I bought for Dear Daughter.  She had some of these Calico Critter toys when she was younger, and she still loves them. I thought she would like the little piano, flute, and violin.
Updates on the Boys:  James Martin is having a good term. He is LOVING his library work and his classes.   He is working on his capstone (senior paper). We fixed up a table in his room where he can put all of the books and papers he is using for the paper.
John Thomas is having a good term--he is completing his first year in the grad program. He is also working still at the Chicken House. He has a good working relationship with the people there, and they know they can depend upon him. 

Hope you're all enjoying the pretty day wherever you are. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dear Daughter's Desk

Her desk and things she loves. The cloth covered book at the left of the picture is a book of poetry. We have used it for years as a source of penmanship practice. Now she keeps a book of quotes.
I am proud of the young woman she is.