Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Plan for the Week

This week looks busy, but not quite so crazy as this last week.
Hubby had a trip to Atlanta with another professor that he really likes. They had a great time, but I was sure happy to see the Hallelujah wagon back in front of our office building.
Dear Daughter had a weekend-long trip with her music ensembles. She is way too tired. That concerns me a little, but I am happy to say that she is home safe and sound.
Thursday was our food distribution. We had a great day, and one dear soul came to the Lord!
Friday, M and JM watched the Inauguration together. That was great. JT was at the Chicken House, and I was at work until 1:00.
We are having some pretty serious rain and storms, so no Church tonight.
Chilli is bubbling on the stove, and we are all about to pile it on top of  fritos. Add some cheese and sour cream, and we have a feast!

The picture on top is from my Amazon instant video collection, and I hope to watch it this week and complete my cross stitch picture. I am close to getting it done.

Hope your week goes well. Let me know what you're reading/learning these days!

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