Saturday, January 14, 2017

Never Stop Praying for Your Children

I love stories with happy endings whether they are realistic or not. As Christians, we shall all have "happy endings." But the years of life between our Conversion and our Presence with Christ have lots of bumps in the road. Like every mom, I am facing lots of ups and downs with our children as they walk into young adulthood. Their dad and I are so proud of them. They make good decisions, and they are old enough to take credit for that themselves. However,  I wish I could write a happy chapter or two  for them on this side of heaven, especially in the area of searching for a spouse. 
Never stop praying for your children.


Sarah Ann B said...

Sending love and prayers to your entire family. I love you all.

Homeschoolmom said...

Thanks, Sarah. It's all going to be ok. Just life. I hope your Dad is feeling better and that all are well.