Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This has to be my favorite yet of all the newer L.M.  Montgomery collection covers.  Lucy Maud wrote so many short stories, and various editors have collected them over the years into a nice set of books which reflect the themes of those particular stories. This volume deals with letters and letter-writing, one of my favorite things in all of the world. How different would we be today if we wrote letters and stayed off of the internet? I am old enough to remember when long-distance telephone calls were expensive and rare!  Now, many carry around in their pockets an instant means of contacting anyone anywhere ---without waiting for the "rates to go down."  But, there really is something different about taking the time to write a letter. And isn't it wonderful to receive them?

This is a stock photo of some of Lucy Maud's other works.  I have these, having collected them over the years from used book stores. We stopped at one on the way back from visiting the family at Thanksgiving. I found quite a few including Across the Miles, Magic for Marigold, and At the Altar.

Most of the ones I find are in the 50 cent - $1.50 range. That makes me very happy. I have seen these on Amazon for quite a bit more than that.  I am pleased with my collection, and am always surprised at how much she actually wrote. 

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