Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An Encouraging Encounter

Last week, one of my former students came to "guest lecture' in a history class.  She graduated with an English degree and has done some exciting things with writing and editing.  I had no idea  what she would talk about--my guess was maybe something about the literature of the era being taught in the course.  But she surprised me by talking about the value of reading and how that skill is rapidly being lost. I was stunned and pleased beyond measure.  The students listened politely and I think much of what she said resonated with several of them. The best part of the day though was when my student came down to my office and talked with me and another student about reading choices.  The girls, Marla and Hannah, were both home-schooled.  Their mothers watched over them carefully with regard to what they read and watched.  As young adults, they are equipped to make the right choices. A little while after Marla left, Virginia (our daughter)  joined the conversation with Hannah and me. They all seem to speak a common language.  They all like a wide variety of reading--Austen, science-fiction, fantasy and historical fiction.  But these girls are all aware of how to be discerning--Marla and Hannah were lamenting a book they read where the heroine made the wrong moral choice at the end of the story. The girls recognized that an opportunity was lost by this conclusion.  Realistic, certainly. But what are we looking for in literature? Realism? Probably not. Inspiration? Absolutely. Our girls will be inspired one way or the other by what they read, what they listen to, and what they watch.

As mothers, we want our children to develop the skill (and gift) of discernment -- as always, Scripture lights our path:

Be encouraged, Christian mother.  Your influence is being felt. 
God bless you as you prayerfully guide them through their home education. 


Blessed Homemaking said...

How very much is needed discernment in our lives as Christians. Also, we must not allow something into our lives just because others around us are allowing it, whether it be a movie, book, etc. After all, we are accountable to the Lord.

Homeschoolmom said...

I agree with you 100%. Thank you for your comment. God bless and keep you.