Sunday, October 2, 2016

John Sloane Says It Best

Road Trip . . .  We have some dear friends who are on an adventure, and we will be as well . . . in a different part of the same lovely state.  They're on the beach side--we'll be on the apple orchard side. I think it is funny that the highlight of this particular trip is shaping up to be our visits to two orchards, one that shares our family's last name! I'd better start getting together my recipes for applesauce.
This last week has been a week of continuing challenges. Every time we think we're out of the woods, something else happens. We went to Home Depot yesterday to try to file a claim on the damage done. Dear daughter had some pictures that we had printed.  They were very nice to us, but perhaps not as solicitous as I would have liked. Hubby didn't call back the contractor--he wants to see what HD will do.  We all feel a little funny about those men being back in the house. 
I don't think I have mentioned in a post about our recent bout dealing with head lice. It is not a topic you want everyone to know about. We have pretty much traced the source of the exposure, and it is just ONE OF THOSE THINGS. I had this problem just before Dear Daughter was born, and it was out of control for weeks. This time hasn't been nearly as bad. She and I are the only two in the family who have had them, so that's the good news. She has helped one of her friends with the problem. She went to Wally world to help her pick out her "weapon" and then she helped her with the actual process of getting them out.  She has watched as another "friend" has pretty much turned her back on her, saying unkind things and moving her seat in class.   Tough times will show what people are made of. Our prayer has been that this experience will help us always to be kind and empathetic to anyone going through it. When we went to the drug store to look at treatment options, we were told that the schools were overwhelmed with the outbreaks this year. 
I can see how my previous encounter with these little monsters 18 years ago has helped on this occasion. When you're going through something difficult, never discount how it might help you in the future, or how it might help someone else.
We are so grateful for that "sanitize" cycle on the dryer!
We are also grateful that John Boy has the week off from The Chicken House so that we can go on our Road Trip. "His eye" is truly on His sparrows. 

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