Thursday, September 29, 2016

What's on the Bookshelf Today?

The White Mountain Company makes some of the most intricate and colorful of all puzzles. I have a couple (which remain in their boxes) that I would love to one day complete. Here is a shot of one of their new ones-I love it. They are good about having nostalgic images and scenes.  We have a "reading room" downstairs in the basement. I would love to have a table for puzzles in there. We have a table--we just have to move some things around to get it 'situated.'  No little kitty cats would be jumping up on the table, scattering the pieces.
Things are calming down ever so slightly here at the ranch. I am hoping that this upcoming week off from classes will help us get our thoughts collected. Michael is trying to arrange for our annual getaway to Ridgecrest. We are hoping that it will be a bit cooler than the temps are here, although this morning when we took out the dogs, there did indeed seem to be a hint of a nip in the air.
I wanted to mention that one of our newer professors in the English department is taking the marvelous step of requiring her EN 102 course students to read Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. This thrills me to my toes!  The kids today don't read, and if they do read anything of any length, it has to be a paranormal romance or Harry P. Now, this work by Dickens is not light and cheery reading, but it is a fabulous historical novel that will require them to think and to understand.  We never read it as a family, and I wish we had. John Boy and I are going to read The Pickwick Papers. We read A Christmas Carol just about every year together (all of us). I have tried to read Bleak House. I watched a portion of the Masterpiece Theater production and read (armed with the Cliffs notes to guide me through the web of characters). I did not finish, but want to do so. That would be a good Christmas break project. Anyway, I am so proud of Mrs. A for choosing this title!

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