Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is it they say . . .

about "a picture being worth 1,000 words"?  The picture you see above is a wonderful depiction of life in the house of Justus these days.  I have no complaints other than being so busy I don't know who is where or why. Everyone is happy in their respective orbits--John Boy is getting some good hours at work, and managing to keep up well with his school work. JM is loving the library and the fact ESPECIALLY that he is working toward a career.  Dearest daughter is having the time of her life with music, friends and school work. She has two of her favorite professors this semester, her Dad and Dr. Young.  (All of our kids will have minors in H. Walton Young). 
My concerns are not in the way of complaints. I just feel like time is more than ever getting away from us. The good side of the problem is that time together seems to be more dear rather than taken for granted.  I was hoping we would get to watch the season premier last night of Wheel of Fortune, but it wasn't to be. That's ok, though--here's what I did get to do:

1. Work on our Bible study with JM--it is one of the Rod and Staff workbook studies. 
2. Talk with John Thomas about life while we walked the dogs. We also sat at the kitchen table as he wolfed down about 10 oreos. It was GREAT! 
3. IVE sat on my lap a little while (quite a sight to see) while we looked at blogger posts. Plus, she is doing A Beka math with Dad every day. That has been a blessing ALL the way around. 
4. Have a nice meal around the table together. We had the family favorite--chicken salad sandwiches, chipolte ranch pasta salad and broccoli (well, 2 outta three ain't so bad), and I had a two-liter of Coke zero that topped it all off. 

What is it they say?

There's no place like home . . . .

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