Sunday, September 25, 2016

Eden's Garden

I want to share with you something we have discovered as a family. In the homeschool community, there has been  tremendous surge in popularity of "essential oils."  I had no understanding of what they are nor was I anything but skeptical when hearing others talk about them. There are several different companies--Do Terra, Young Living, and Eden's Garden are among the most popular in this community.  I like Eden's Garden because of their Christian base, and they are modestly priced. They have recently added a line of products based for kids but that can be used by adults as well. Each of these little bottles are about $6--less if you get them in a set.  You can also purchase these oils in a roller bottle format.  There seemed to be an oil for each of our childrens' needs.  
John Thomas is always struggling with getting to sleep--he has one for helping with sound sleep.
Virginia has her migraine issues, triggered, I think by fatigue. She has one called "head-o-sore-us"  It has really helped her. She rolls it over her forehead when she starts feeling bad.  James Martin (and Mom) have the one called "Focus, Focus, Focus." It is designed to help with staying focused on whatever you're doing, particularly reading or studying. I have also purchased these in the form of the oils to out into their diffusers. 
At first, we were all skeptical, but everyone is enjoying these essential oils.  They are helping. Virginia went on an overnight trip with the college last night, and she took her rollerball. 
I am thrilled that we seem to have found a way to deal with some issues without medication. 
If you are looking for something that smells wonderful, doesn't cost much at all (free shipping) and might just lift your spirits, try them out. Here is the link Eden's Garden
p.s. I don't sell this product, nor am I promoting for any compensation--just wanted to share the blessing of these oils with my readers. 

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