Thursday, September 29, 2016

What's on the Bookshelf Today?

The White Mountain Company makes some of the most intricate and colorful of all puzzles. I have a couple (which remain in their boxes) that I would love to one day complete. Here is a shot of one of their new ones-I love it. They are good about having nostalgic images and scenes.  We have a "reading room" downstairs in the basement. I would love to have a table for puzzles in there. We have a table--we just have to move some things around to get it 'situated.'  No little kitty cats would be jumping up on the table, scattering the pieces.
Things are calming down ever so slightly here at the ranch. I am hoping that this upcoming week off from classes will help us get our thoughts collected. Michael is trying to arrange for our annual getaway to Ridgecrest. We are hoping that it will be a bit cooler than the temps are here, although this morning when we took out the dogs, there did indeed seem to be a hint of a nip in the air.
I wanted to mention that one of our newer professors in the English department is taking the marvelous step of requiring her EN 102 course students to read Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. This thrills me to my toes!  The kids today don't read, and if they do read anything of any length, it has to be a paranormal romance or Harry P. Now, this work by Dickens is not light and cheery reading, but it is a fabulous historical novel that will require them to think and to understand.  We never read it as a family, and I wish we had. John Boy and I are going to read The Pickwick Papers. We read A Christmas Carol just about every year together (all of us). I have tried to read Bleak House. I watched a portion of the Masterpiece Theater production and read (armed with the Cliffs notes to guide me through the web of characters). I did not finish, but want to do so. That would be a good Christmas break project. Anyway, I am so proud of Mrs. A for choosing this title!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We Need That Big Bottle

One of my favorite of the oils is the Anxiety Ease and do we need a big bottle this week!!!!! There are issues that aren't really best for posting on a public forum, but some I can.  Home Depot, after much delay, put us in contact with the contractors who would measure for the stove. They came yesterday, and it was all downhill from there. They came in, pulled out my stove, tore holes in the countertop on either side of the stove (and said it was my fault because it was greasy). They initially parked behind John Thomas who needed to get out to go the chicken house. They very happily moved, and as I found out later, knocked over our neighbor's mailbox and crushed her Autumn display. I didn't know that until after they left. I looked out and saw the damage and went over to talk with her. She saw them leave and go up the road to turn around (it was a big truck). She stopped them and asked them what happened, knowing they most likely had done the deed. They proceeded to tell her that they saw "the son" do it and drive away. I think of all the things that bothered me about yesterday, that was the worst. Michael drove up to the chicken house to talk with him--there was of course, no damage to his car. And he saw it happen. He went on to work because he assumed they would tell someone. I know John Boy would have moved heaven and earth to tell me or our neighbor if he had been responsible. 
Michael called the agency that sent them out for Home Depot. They were appalled, but let's see what happens. He told them those two men were not to come back into our home. 

Today is chapel at school, and the kids are faithful to attend. It is also a good morning.  for us to stay home together. I proposed this idea to M, and he said, "yes, we need to circle the wagons."

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Eden's Garden

I want to share with you something we have discovered as a family. In the homeschool community, there has been  tremendous surge in popularity of "essential oils."  I had no understanding of what they are nor was I anything but skeptical when hearing others talk about them. There are several different companies--Do Terra, Young Living, and Eden's Garden are among the most popular in this community.  I like Eden's Garden because of their Christian base, and they are modestly priced. They have recently added a line of products based for kids but that can be used by adults as well. Each of these little bottles are about $6--less if you get them in a set.  You can also purchase these oils in a roller bottle format.  There seemed to be an oil for each of our childrens' needs.  
John Thomas is always struggling with getting to sleep--he has one for helping with sound sleep.
Virginia has her migraine issues, triggered, I think by fatigue. She has one called "head-o-sore-us"  It has really helped her. She rolls it over her forehead when she starts feeling bad.  James Martin (and Mom) have the one called "Focus, Focus, Focus." It is designed to help with staying focused on whatever you're doing, particularly reading or studying. I have also purchased these in the form of the oils to out into their diffusers. 
At first, we were all skeptical, but everyone is enjoying these essential oils.  They are helping. Virginia went on an overnight trip with the college last night, and she took her rollerball. 
I am thrilled that we seem to have found a way to deal with some issues without medication. 
If you are looking for something that smells wonderful, doesn't cost much at all (free shipping) and might just lift your spirits, try them out. Here is the link Eden's Garden
p.s. I don't sell this product, nor am I promoting for any compensation--just wanted to share the blessing of these oils with my readers. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is it they say . . .

about "a picture being worth 1,000 words"?  The picture you see above is a wonderful depiction of life in the house of Justus these days.  I have no complaints other than being so busy I don't know who is where or why. Everyone is happy in their respective orbits--John Boy is getting some good hours at work, and managing to keep up well with his school work. JM is loving the library and the fact ESPECIALLY that he is working toward a career.  Dearest daughter is having the time of her life with music, friends and school work. She has two of her favorite professors this semester, her Dad and Dr. Young.  (All of our kids will have minors in H. Walton Young). 
My concerns are not in the way of complaints. I just feel like time is more than ever getting away from us. The good side of the problem is that time together seems to be more dear rather than taken for granted.  I was hoping we would get to watch the season premier last night of Wheel of Fortune, but it wasn't to be. That's ok, though--here's what I did get to do:

1. Work on our Bible study with JM--it is one of the Rod and Staff workbook studies. 
2. Talk with John Thomas about life while we walked the dogs. We also sat at the kitchen table as he wolfed down about 10 oreos. It was GREAT! 
3. IVE sat on my lap a little while (quite a sight to see) while we looked at blogger posts. Plus, she is doing A Beka math with Dad every day. That has been a blessing ALL the way around. 
4. Have a nice meal around the table together. We had the family favorite--chicken salad sandwiches, chipolte ranch pasta salad and broccoli (well, 2 outta three ain't so bad), and I had a two-liter of Coke zero that topped it all off. 

What is it they say?

There's no place like home . . . .