Sunday, July 3, 2016

Thinking About the Fall Term

This year, we are returning to the homeschool fair in another state. We went last year with fabulous results. The entrance fee for the entire family is about $12, and the vendors are the same as in the fair here in our state.  There are other advantages to attending this particular venue.  The atmosphere is much friendlier (even thought the vendors are the same). The people who run this event are Christians, and they seem to be truly invested in the homeschooling movement and rationale--not just the profits. I wish we had attended there in previous years.
In any case, there is much to think about and pray about for the coming year for dear daughter. She can take a full load at Truett as a dual-enrollment student, but is that what I really want her to do? More importantly, is that really what is best for her? She can do it academically, and it would be good for her to be ahead. But, I also would like to try to pursue at least 2 homeschool subjects together. 
Her dad is going to do math with her. She needs to do heavy music theory with Mrs. Ann before she hits the college courses. I have always wanted to do more than we have in the study of Composers, National Parks and British literature.  And then there are the Lamplighter Books. All of these possibilities have to be done on a shoestring budget, and we can make that work. 
Janice, if you are reading this, I would love your input. Reading is where we need to be, don't you think? 

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