Sunday, July 17, 2016

Landmark Baptist

I'll give a full report later on, but I wanted to take just a minute to talk about the Homeschool Fair we attended this weekend. This was such a wonderful event, and I met the nicest people in the world. I once again had the brief, fleeting feeling of belonging somewhere beyond the walls of our home. We saw old "friends' from Lamplighter Books and Virginia Soaps and Scents, and Michael saw the dear people with whom he spent quite a lot of time last year at Rod and Staff. They remembered him. I saw the family at Miller Pads and Paper--I have seen them every year since we started this about 11 years ago. 
We made some new friends, and I want dear daughter to blog about one in particular. But, let me tell you about the folks from Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum. This press and ministry is based in my home county in Florida, but this couple was actually from Michigan. They were retired school teachers, and they have seen so many changes in education, families and children. They were not the least bit pushy, but very kind and helpful. Their booth caught my eye, and the more I looked, the more I liked what and whom I saw. The curriculum is very inexpensive ($40 per course with all materials included).  It is very  sound academically and most importantly, with regard to its Christian content. They are independent Baptists and King James based. They don't seem to be anti-anyone with regard to our other Christian brothers and sisters. They are just very positively Biblical. 
Dear daughter is doing lots of English work at Truett with her favorite professor, but I wanted her to have more in the way of grammar, vocab, and British literature. We had thought about using ABeka British lit, but we can't really afford much from them beyond the math (which we will do). Looking at the Landmark Baptist, I was pleased to see that they read The Pilgrim's Progress, In His Steps, and Pride and Prejudice.  I think that is a fabulous combination. We have read In His Steps as a family, and Michael uses is in his American History courses, but I am pleased as punch that she will read it again.  We will be doing Creation Science, English, Bible and a special study for young ladies with this curriculum. I couldn't be more pleased. 
I bought a Bible study from Rod and Staff for James Martin and I to do together.  It is workbook formatted, and more importantly, the theology is sound and unworldly. 
John Boy had to stay home and work at the chicken house. I sure missed him. 
Otherwise, we had such a great time. I will post more about our "finds" and adventures very soon. 

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