Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Busy Week

This is VBS week, a time of year Michael has always called "the most important week of the year." We are working in partnership with another Church who has people, children and resources that we do not.  They are between pastors and were not having Bible school this summer, so they are at our Church doing a major work with us. We had 101 last night--the highest attendance since I have been a member here. The Lord is at work.
The Justus children have helped so much, especially Virginia. She mapped out the routes for the buses (yes, 3 and 4 each night); she rides in one of the buses, trying to help keep calm. She has led the singing in the opening assembly; she created the powerpoints with the verses to the HYMNS (yes, HYMNS) and she is teaching, with her sweet brother James Martin, the 2-k age group. On top of that, she is trying to get an online class completed. Some of the youth in the group were very rude to her the first night, but she came back like a trooper.  
John Boy has had a very heavy work schedule this week at the Chicken House, and I am glad. He needs those hours, and is feeling more confident in the work. The Lord is with him, and I am so very grateful.  James Martin is feeling like a man with a purpose working in Bible school with his sister. 
I couldn't  be more proud. 
JT is part of another wedding this weekend, and Sunday is another full day at Church. I am hoping for a night soon when we can all again be around the table together. 

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