Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ye Olde Summer Reading List

We had a great time with Robinson Crusoe this past  year. Virginia has also learned SO MUCH from Dr. H. Walton Young, one of the English professors at Truett. She has enjoyed having him in a series of composition and literature courses, and she has fallen in love with the pantheon of American writers, particularly those from the 20th century.  She has had some exposure to the poets, authors and historians of Classical Antiquity through her Latin. But she is lacking a bit on the British contributions--beyond our favorite Jane Austen movies, of course. When the boys were finishing up their A Beka courses, one of the last ones they took was British Literature. We have all read A Christmas Carol by Dickens together for many years, but there is so much more to learn!  The A Beka editions of the English Literature materials have changed, so I can't use the tests and things with the boys' old books, but the Lord has once again provided--
Friday, I participated in grading a test for the college, and one of the items of compensation was a $50 visa gift card.  A Beka is running a "free shipping " promotion, so the gift card will just about cover it, and I can get her started. It is amazing to see how He works. I think she will enjoy this course very much.  She needs to pack in some good instruction time for the summer, as well as piano practice!

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