Thursday, March 31, 2016

Updates on the Gang

We have all been busy surviving the semester--I wish I had posted more frequently on this blog, but here's a little bit of detail about what the kids have been doing. 
The boys are finishing up the semester, and John Thomas is concluding his undergraduate career. They are both doing so well. I am proud of James Martin because he is getting where he needs to be on the amount of work, concentration and thoroughness he needs for college. This is hard to explain with words--he has always worked hard, but now he seems to understand what is needed in terms of using his effort most effectively.  I think I "got it" in my 3rd year of college as well. In any case, we are proud of him. He is looking forward to doing a class with his Dad this summer.

John Thomas is thoroughly enjoying school, as always.  He participates in an informal seminar with other students from the grad program who meet at Dr. Whitlock's house on Thursday nights. He really, really likes that, and they enjoy having him. Michael and I are thrilled that the Whitlocks open their home in this way and that John boy is included. Today, he is doing a presentation for Dr. Young's lit class on Robert Penn Warren. He is excited to have this forum. He took the class some time ago and really came to love the author's works. This is a great venue and experience for him. The professors here are largely very good to encourage learning as well as a love for learning. 

Virginia also has Dr. Young. She is in her 3rd class with him as a dual-enrollment student, and she loves the literature and writing. She loves Dr. Young--all the Justus children do. He teaches them writing, literature and an appreciation for classic works. 

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is unabashedly and almost proudly turning its back on the Humanities. There is now a proposal to grant STEM classes in the high schools an extra grade point for completion; that is, on a 4.0 grade scale, a science, technology or math course would earn 4 points for a B rather than for an A, and 5 points for an A. The Humanities have already been watered down and polluted by revisionist historians and "gender studies." Now, they will be pushed aside entirely. 
The Humanities, art, music, literature and history, color our world beautifully. I am grateful that the children are able to appreciate them through the efforts of the faculty here at Truett.


Sarah Ann said...

I'm glad things are going well for everybody. Ima Virginia has told me a lot about her classes. This will have been my first college semester! So far so good!

Homeschool Mom said...

I hope you are having fun, Sarah. Have you posted about this in your blog? It is certainly an exciting time in the life of your family with the the new Brown baby and with your exciting academic adventure.