Sunday, February 28, 2016

Board Games

One of the many things I appreciate about our sweet James Martin is that he prefers board games to computer games. He received this special edition of Monopoly, and we finally broke it out to play a game (me, Dad and JM). It really was a lot of fun, and the design was quite interesting. 
He of course, whipped us both . . . but we all had a great time!
In our hallway, we have a nice little linen closet that we have used for a game closet since we first moved here in 2003.  I think it is on the list for reorganization, and James Martin would be the one to help with that as far as what to keep and what to donate. 

We have an edition of Candyland that looks exactly like this, and the boys sat down and played with me the other night. They are such good sports. We had such a good time.  We have a similar version of Chutes and Ladders--we'll have to get that one out next!

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