Thursday, January 21, 2016

Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!!!!

I know all two of you who read this blog are tired in the extreme of me talking about this novel by Daniel Defoe. I am sorry.  I have to tell you this:  beware at all costs the movie featuring Pierce Brosnan.  It is a travesty!  The story begins with "Robin" having to leave on a voyage because he has been involved in a dual. He is shipwrecked and then very shortly rescues a native about to be eaten by other cannibals.  Their relationship is very harsh and antagonistic, differing primarily on their view of God.  Robin eventually comes to the realization that there are different faiths that are valid. I have turned it  off. 
1. In the novel, Robinson Crusoe is a youngest son who craves adventure and wealth--much like the parable of the prodigal. He leaves in spite of his family's warnings and fears.
2. When he rescues Friday, it is after he (Robinson) has been on the island for 25 years.  Their relationship is warm and loving, and Robinson teaches Friday about the Bible and about the Lord. 
The entire novel is meant to reteach the parable of the prodigal son--sadly, this "son" is not reunited with his earthly father, but is welcomed with open arms by his Heavenly Father.  I wondered what they would do with this movie, but I in no way expected this terrible interpretation. How sad. 

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