Monday, January 18, 2016

Back in the Routine

We are back in the routine, trying to finish up some big projects.  We are listening to Robinson Crusoe beautifully read on audible--it makes the King James English a little easier to understand and appreciate. We have heard it so much by now that we are starting to really anticipate both the phrasing  of the language.  We hear a lot of KJV terminology-- words like "peradventure" and others like it.  We are almost finished. I don't know what is next--listening with the reading has been a great help in some of the more difficult and lengthy works.  I keep telling dear daughter (and my dear students at the college) that if you read good books, books that are well written, your writing and vocabulary will be so much stronger. She is interested in Jane Austen, as always, and this might be a good way to approach those beautiful stories.
We are also continuing in our "Picture Smart" Bible study. This takes us through each Book of the Bible with lessons augmented by drawing, labeling and coloring.  Virginia uses her many Sharpies and other markers she has collected over the years.  We are enjoying the book of Ephesians.  I wish we had coordinated this with our Bible reading in the Church this past year.
We are also taking a different approach to Dr. Harold Rawlings' wonderful book, Trial By Fire.  This book is a history of the English Bible.  Virginia is taking notes as I read.  That is a help to her in her quest to become a great note taker (she is very good even now!). 
It was a sweet part of a long day.
Hope your days have heaping helpings of sweetness . . . .
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