Thursday, January 21, 2016

Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!!!!

I know all two of you who read this blog are tired in the extreme of me talking about this novel by Daniel Defoe. I am sorry.  I have to tell you this:  beware at all costs the movie featuring Pierce Brosnan.  It is a travesty!  The story begins with "Robin" having to leave on a voyage because he has been involved in a dual. He is shipwrecked and then very shortly rescues a native about to be eaten by other cannibals.  Their relationship is very harsh and antagonistic, differing primarily on their view of God.  Robin eventually comes to the realization that there are different faiths that are valid. I have turned it  off. 
1. In the novel, Robinson Crusoe is a youngest son who craves adventure and wealth--much like the parable of the prodigal. He leaves in spite of his family's warnings and fears.
2. When he rescues Friday, it is after he (Robinson) has been on the island for 25 years.  Their relationship is warm and loving, and Robinson teaches Friday about the Bible and about the Lord. 
The entire novel is meant to reteach the parable of the prodigal son--sadly, this "son" is not reunited with his earthly father, but is welcomed with open arms by his Heavenly Father.  I wondered what they would do with this movie, but I in no way expected this terrible interpretation. How sad. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reason I Appreciate Our Boys #200,001

When the boys were growing up (they are currently 20 and 21), Michael and I were careful about what they watched and listened to. We kept them from all the Star Wars movies until they were older, as well as programs with "bathroom humor" aimed at young children. They watched what we called "gentle programs"--not feminine as such, but quiet, gentle and kind:  Fred Rogers was their favorite. They also loved Little Bear,  Franklin, and Richard Scarry. As they grew older, we allowed more of the action and adventure programming.  They love Star Wars now, and I think they are actually enjoying it more now than they would have at age 5 and 6. 
They have both commented on these choices--I am so grateful that they can see what we were trying to do, and they seem to be grateful.  I don't know why I am making this post--if there are any young moms out there reading, remember that you are not obscuring gender lines by teaching your boys to be gentle and kind.  They will pick up SO MUCH from what they see--the images on television today are harsh, sexual and often quite vulgar.  Those qualities don't make a man more masculine or a girl more feminine.
Our sweet boys are not perfect, but they have grown into such kind and loving young gentlemen, well-mannered and thoughtful.  Beware the programming, as we did, that contains the smart-mouthed and disrespectful tween or teen.  Parents are ridiculed and undermined by the more intelligent and savvy child.  These programs have had a terrible impact on our young people.
Don't worry about what people will say about you--YOU are raising your children--those who criticize you are NOT.  Take advice when YOU feel it is sound, but don't make decisions about what your children read, watch and listen to because of external pressure.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Back in the Routine

We are back in the routine, trying to finish up some big projects.  We are listening to Robinson Crusoe beautifully read on audible--it makes the King James English a little easier to understand and appreciate. We have heard it so much by now that we are starting to really anticipate both the phrasing  of the language.  We hear a lot of KJV terminology-- words like "peradventure" and others like it.  We are almost finished. I don't know what is next--listening with the reading has been a great help in some of the more difficult and lengthy works.  I keep telling dear daughter (and my dear students at the college) that if you read good books, books that are well written, your writing and vocabulary will be so much stronger. She is interested in Jane Austen, as always, and this might be a good way to approach those beautiful stories.
We are also continuing in our "Picture Smart" Bible study. This takes us through each Book of the Bible with lessons augmented by drawing, labeling and coloring.  Virginia uses her many Sharpies and other markers she has collected over the years.  We are enjoying the book of Ephesians.  I wish we had coordinated this with our Bible reading in the Church this past year.
We are also taking a different approach to Dr. Harold Rawlings' wonderful book, Trial By Fire.  This book is a history of the English Bible.  Virginia is taking notes as I read.  That is a help to her in her quest to become a great note taker (she is very good even now!). 
It was a sweet part of a long day.
Hope your days have heaping helpings of sweetness . . . .
We are also 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Afterthoughts . . . .

After all the Christmas shopping was done, I found one last gift for our daughter. This lovely collection of Puffin classics popped up on Amazon at a nice price. I ordered it knowing that the set wouldn't arrive until a couple of days after Christmas, but I think the timing was perfect. Virginia loved these!  I have always been a sucker for a pretty cover (that's how I got into the Mitford books!), and these are something else. The stock photos don't do them justice. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that the New Year brings you some time to read your favorite books.