Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thoughts on Home Education

I follow an interesting group on FB called "Intellectual Takeout." The page administrator's deal with all kinds of topics from reading to politics.  Yesterday, they took on homeschooling. Lots of discussion ensued, and I put in my two cents worth. The questions was posed as to why families were abandoning the public school system. My comments were civil, but I made one particular public school teacher pretty darn mad.  She seemed to single me out because I noted that bullying was out of control. I responded that the changes in the schools has come out of the removal of prayer and religion.  That inspired a further rebuttal in which she sent an article link describing religious children as "more selfish." I countered with a statement without Christ and the Scripture, all is lost.  I am sure my comments fell on deaf ears. I don't know this woman, but she is from my home state and looks to be about my age. This blog post isn't meant to be about her or the fb page, but about two other important topics that are lost in all the gobbledy-gook of the original discussion. First, it is frightening to me how many individuals are lost . . . they have no interest in the Lord Jesus, and they believe that there are many paths to eternal life.  The issue of "salvation:--being saved from our sins, being forgiven for our sins, is at best forgotten, at worst, rejected outright.  We live in a lost world that refuses to acknowledge its sinfulness. The second issue is about the condition of the public schools--they teach and encourage thinking that is contrary to the Word of God.  The family as an institution created by God is falling apart, having been undermined at every turn. Kids today have no security, no remorse, no sense of responsibility, no values.  Why would I want our children in the midst of that?

On the positive side, having our children at home has allowed us to freely and consistently teach them from a Biblical perspective. They are secure in our love and in the Lord's values. We, not the local school system, have raised them.

The public schools used to reflect the local community and the family. Perhaps they still do and that is the problem. Sadly, many private Christian schools are just about the same. Part of the reason that we made the leap to homeschooling was an discussion I had with another professor's daughter. I asked her about some physical mistreatment I had heard was taking place in the school--she replied that yes, it did, "but just to the geeks."  I can't tell you how her attitude made me feel. She dismissed the hurtfulness of the actions because it was happening to those who were geeks. She will never know how that 15-second exchange colored how I felt about her and about the public schools. Our boys would certainly fit the "geek" mold. Her unkindness and the cruelty of the situation however, changed our lives for the better.

Our home life has been much like the picture you see at the top of this post, and I am more grateful for that than I can say. Your children need to be brought up in the warmth of the family, and in the love and admonition of the Lord and His Word.