Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Quiet Land

This painting was done by an artist named John Sloane. You can see all of his beautiful art work on his web page here.  Your spirit will be blessed with his paintings!  I have a calendar hanging up in our living room with John Sloane pictures for each month. The one posted above is for November. Our oldest son, John Thomas, loves this picture and what it represents to him.
We have watched each of the children go through phases of interests and aspirations.
John Thomas has wanted to be an astronaut, an airline pilot, an architect, the President of the United States, and a Senator representing the state where we live. Needless to say, I am grateful that he no longer wants to be a pilot or astronaut, and just about as pleased with his turning away from politics! He might change again, but I have seen  a major shift as he has become more comfortable in who he really is. Now, he aspires to be a History professor in a small, Christian college (hmmmmm . . . where did he get that notion?). He wants to be married  to a woman who wants to make a home for him and their children. He wants to homeschool. He wants to farm. He wants to be a deacon in his church.  He wants an old farm house with trees all around. He would consider himself rich beyond any measure.
He wants a quiet, country life.
I couldn't be more pleased.  Not only do I love and laud his goals and values, but I am so happy to see the restlessness that plagued him for a while melt away like so much snow on a warm sunny afternoon.
Only the Lord knows our destinies, but I also think that He places dreams and desires on our hearts.
John Thomas struggled for YEARS with his salvation. My husband and I believe that he has been saved since he went into his bedroom closet and prayed when he was 8 years old (he thought he was supposed to do that!). But something began to sift and rattle his assurance and understanding of the Lord.  He felt he wasn't saved. We battled this for so long. Then about a year ago, he took a course that wasn't required of his major. Because John Thomas is leading music at our church, he thought the course would help. It was called "Theology of Worship." It was taught by a wonderful and godly man, Dr. Jon Duncan. Something in the course and in Dr Duncan's teachings touched John Thomas' heart. He was sure of his salvation and comfortable in his relationship with Jesus as never before. I don't know what it was, but it was heaven sent. Since that time, I have seen our precious boy settling
comfortably into who he is and what he wants as a young man of God.
I am praying for our other two treasures that they will find their way as well.
Thank YOU, Lord for having Your hands on us. You send others to bless and guide us.
Thank You, Lord, Thank You.

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