Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I really miss the colorful fun of the 70's decor. This is a picture of someone's collector's corner I found on Pinterest  Look at all the records and the Barbie collectables.
I have really enjoyed Pinterest. It is drama-free and absolutely FUN!  I have a Murder, She Wrote board, a James Herriott board, a Vintage Barbie, board and tons of others.
What are you interested in? I bet you could find some great Pins!


Anonymous said...

Pinterest its just about my favorite website now, for the most part its pretty easy to keep your home feed clean and controlled and you can really find some great stuff on there, I've even gotten interested in some new things I've discovered!!!

Homeschool Mom said...

Yes, there are tons of things there. We are even trying to get the Pastor to make his own board! He and your Dad could make "Sword of the Lord" boards!

Anonymous said...

Good idea!