Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Fall Getaway

We don't get away very much anymore, but we are able to make this annual trip to North Carolina to the Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center. We love it. We will be heading back home tomorrow, but we have had a nice time. 

I am married to the world's best driver. (The handsome man in the picture--the giraffe is a Virginia creation-Cecilia--"CeCe"). We were anxious about the weather given the deluge of rain we have had over the last week or so. We didn't run into anything difficult, and the weather has been lovely today. The leaves are beginning to change color here. There's more red and orange than you would expect this early. 
We are all headed over to the "Clouds" coffee shop in a minute. 
This has been a nice trip--the Pastor had his rocking chair on the back porch of our room, and he had biscuits and gravy for breakfast at the cafeteria this morning. 
God bless each of you this evening. 

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