Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Favorite Season of the Year

Fall is the loveliest and the most fleeting of seasons. The colors are so very vibrant. Here in NE Georgia, the skies are overcast, and the temps are still quite warm. The hurricane looming off the coast is having some impact already here, I think. We have had a lot of much-needed rain, and more is to come.  We are about to wind up the week and the first half of the semester. Fall Break is next week, and we are hoping to make our pilgrimage to Ridgecrest. 
The kids have had a particularly happy semester so far. The boys really like their classes--James Martin is having the time of his life in his PE class (I would never have predicted that). He is taking "Indoor Games" with Coach Jennie Dietz. There are several of his friends in the class, and they have a blast. No one is mean to anyone else, and they just enjoy playing these games together. Jennie told me that this is a great group of students--I am happy for all of them.
John Thomas is getting anxious to finish up his Bachelor's degree and move on to graduate school. He will be enrolling in the Master's Program at TMC.  That makes me happy on many levels. 
Virginia is having a good time with her dual-enrollment courses (I am one of her professors!). She especially loves her English course with Dr. Walton Young. Everyone loves Dr. Young. The boys will be graduating with a minor in "Dr. Young"--they have taken so many of his courses.  
They each have a sense of belonging at Truett. I am grateful for that and for the opportunities we have through the college. How can I ever thank the Lord enough?
Fall is a great time of the year to think about the blessings we have had and to thank Him for getting us through the challenging or painful times. 
Hope you are all well. 

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