Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Favorite Season

I love Fall, and this has surely been one of the loveliest (and most unusual) we have had in a while. The beautiful colors have been accentuated these last few days by rainy days and overcast skies. The gray of the heavens brings out the full contrast of the gold and red leaves. 
Last night when we were headed to Church, we saw a very different rainbow--it was thicker than you typically see, and the colors were mostly pinks, blues and purples. WOW! The clouds were that gorgeous shade of coral . . .
only a loving Creator could fashion such beauty!
Who is like Thee, majestic in holiness, 
awesome in praises,
working wonders?
Exodus 15:11

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coloring with Washington Irving

Here we are! It is that time of year again--we are listening rather than reading this time--"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
We combined this with a coloring party. Dad joined in the fun as well. 
I wouldn't trade these moments for all the gold in the world.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

An Apple A Day . . . and Welcome, Flannel Weather

On our trip, we ran up to Hendersonville to go to a branch of our bank. On the way back to Ridgecrest, we saw all of these signs for the Justus Apple Orchard. We followed them and visited the Orchard. It was beautiful, and the people were very nice. That is a gorgeous part of the country. I wish we could have visited longer. We took a swing by the lovely campus of the Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. I think they must have also been on Fall break, but what a beautiful campus.

We are back to normal, with too many things to accomplish each day. 
I don't know how to slow that down.
Last night, after a LONG day at Church cooking and cleaning up for the 140th Habersham County Singing Convention, I was able to get some laundry done and a little bit of cleaning before a late supper at 7:30. We watched 2 episodes of Gunsmoke, and that was great. I changed the sheets and washed the bedspread, so it felt wonderful to just crawl into that floral flannel goodness and go to sleep. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures very much.
Hope your day is full of the Lord's love and the beauty of His seasons . . .

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Fall Getaway

We don't get away very much anymore, but we are able to make this annual trip to North Carolina to the Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center. We love it. We will be heading back home tomorrow, but we have had a nice time. 

I am married to the world's best driver. (The handsome man in the picture--the giraffe is a Virginia creation-Cecilia--"CeCe"). We were anxious about the weather given the deluge of rain we have had over the last week or so. We didn't run into anything difficult, and the weather has been lovely today. The leaves are beginning to change color here. There's more red and orange than you would expect this early. 
We are all headed over to the "Clouds" coffee shop in a minute. 
This has been a nice trip--the Pastor had his rocking chair on the back porch of our room, and he had biscuits and gravy for breakfast at the cafeteria this morning. 
God bless each of you this evening. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

At Home on This Rainy Day

I cannot get over this rain we are having! Man alive! Don't get me wrong, I love rainy days. There are many things I need to be doing, but I am going to spend some time today completing a crochet project and watching Nancy Drew mysteries (from the 70's). 

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Beautiful Season

Here we are already in October. I can't believe it. We are still a little warm, and we have had so much rain.  Some of the leaves in the neighborhood are beginning to change, though. The temps will probably be dropping a bit before too long.
Today, we finished up the week at school and went to have some lunch together as a family. We had to run some errands, and while we were waiting for Dad out in the car, we were talking about favorite memories of homeschooling. Virginia said she most liked eating biscuits, drinking hot chocolate and reading The Moffats. John Thomas said, "being home." James Martin seconded his answer. I was stunned. Sometimes there's a little in me that makes me wonder if homeschooling denied them some of the pleasures of friends and activities. No doubt, it does. But the pay off comes with these kind of discussions. I am so grateful for their answers (I will be fixing some biscuits and hot chocolate soon).
I am grateful for this lovely autumn season and for this season of life.
Thank You, Lord.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Favorite Season of the Year

Fall is the loveliest and the most fleeting of seasons. The colors are so very vibrant. Here in NE Georgia, the skies are overcast, and the temps are still quite warm. The hurricane looming off the coast is having some impact already here, I think. We have had a lot of much-needed rain, and more is to come.  We are about to wind up the week and the first half of the semester. Fall Break is next week, and we are hoping to make our pilgrimage to Ridgecrest. 
The kids have had a particularly happy semester so far. The boys really like their classes--James Martin is having the time of his life in his PE class (I would never have predicted that). He is taking "Indoor Games" with Coach Jennie Dietz. There are several of his friends in the class, and they have a blast. No one is mean to anyone else, and they just enjoy playing these games together. Jennie told me that this is a great group of students--I am happy for all of them.
John Thomas is getting anxious to finish up his Bachelor's degree and move on to graduate school. He will be enrolling in the Master's Program at TMC.  That makes me happy on many levels. 
Virginia is having a good time with her dual-enrollment courses (I am one of her professors!). She especially loves her English course with Dr. Walton Young. Everyone loves Dr. Young. The boys will be graduating with a minor in "Dr. Young"--they have taken so many of his courses.  
They each have a sense of belonging at Truett. I am grateful for that and for the opportunities we have through the college. How can I ever thank the Lord enough?
Fall is a great time of the year to think about the blessings we have had and to thank Him for getting us through the challenging or painful times. 
Hope you are all well.