Thursday, September 10, 2015

Books or E-Readers?

There's lots of discussion out there about the merits of e-readers. Every member of our family has one. I like the fact that I have a light built in, and I can adjust the size of the font to meet the degree of eye-tiredness I am at that time experiencing. However, my heart still belongs to the book.  My husband and I laugh at ourselves as we "smell" books--is there anything more appealing to the olfactory sense than an old book? You can smell a Kindle. You can't pull it off the shelf and enjoy the beautiful cover or end pages. There's just nothing like a book.
I am doing a lot of reading for the semester, and enjoying it very much. My students, for the most part, won't read.  With the textbook for the American Revolution course, I am putting their feet to the fire. I made reading guides (questions to be answered from the chapters). They received a wake up call on Wednesday when I had them sit in a circle with me and answer the questions for the assigned reading. 90% of them had NOT read, and it was evident they were unprepared. I will keep this up until they get it . . . until they READ it.
All of the electronic STUFF they have distracts them. They can't focus, and they don't want to be encumbered with assignments. I want to change that in their lives. Foolish? Ambitious?
We'll see.

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