Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I can't find the words to describe how I am feeling now--I have my COMPUTER back. I can't wait to take some pictures of our latest yarn projects and post them. I am grateful to our IT Director for getting this fixed for me. 
Michael and I are in Duluth to attend a meeting of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board (our new name) Historical Commission. The kids are left in charge of the homestead.  John Thomas is leading Bible study tonight--should be interesting to hear about when we get back tomorrow afternoon. 
Michael and I are already in our pajamas. He is reading, and I am about to take out my yarn.
As always, we are the country mice in the big city. 
Looking forward to posting more soon . . .

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to Get On the Car . . . . .

My understanding is that Cracker Barrel has rolled out their delicious Autumn dessert once again. -(They skipped last year, and I was broken -hearted). It is a pumpkin spice--mousse -pudding concoction with a lovely, spicy whipped topping and ginger snaps on top. 
I will ask the Pastor to gas up the flibber on Friday . . .

Sunday, September 13, 2015

An Evening At Home

Sunday night services are always my favorites at Church, but I have to admit, tonight I was happy that we were able to be at home. Because of all of the special activities and an outreach event this afternoon, our evening worship time was canceled. SO, we had a nice night with our Saturday night specials--hamburgers, hot dogs and Matt Dillon!
Those of you who have followed my blogs recognize this picture--I had to pull it off of  since I still don't have the computer with all my millions of pictures back! YIKES!!!!!
We have really enjoyed the cooler temperatures of today.

This Week at Home, Work and Church

1. One of the best things about the week was the time Virginia and I spent with Daniel Defoe's great novel of redemption, Robinson Crusoe. We have started it many times before, but now she is really enjoying it. The other day when we were all in the van together, she asked if she could read aloud as we went down the road. We had to stop in Dollar General, and she said, "I can't wait to get back to the book." I thought she was talking about a Lamplighter she is also reading, The Hidden Hand. But she wanted to get back to Crusoe. She read to us the rest of the way home and we read some more after everyone started getting settled in for the night. WOW! I am very happy about that. 
2. We had our fish fry at Church yesterday. Everyone has been working so hard on this event. All of the members of the Church were invited by a beautiful, personal letter. It was a way of reaching out to those whose names are on the rolls, but who have not been attending for some time. Michael put his heart into it--he feels this is what the Lord has asked him to do. The Church family put all of their support into it as well. We had lots of fish  followed by singing, prayer and a great message from the Lord afterwards.
3. The week at school has been a busy, but good one. I am pleased to see that the boys are enjoying their classes and professors very much. One of the Christian Studies professors is having quite a positive impact on James Martin. I am pleased. He is a good man. The boys are working hard and getting things accomplished.
4. On a very sad note, my cat of 18 years left us last night. She is running around in the Lord's Presence. She was born under our bed in Tennessee in 1997, and she has been a loving and faithful friend all these years.
5. To end on a positive note, our oldest, who has long been interested in politics, is (much to my relief) growing increasingly disenchanted with the political world. I am so glad. I think he has a stronger sense of purpose now and for the future than he has had in his life. His relationship with the Lord is SO much stronger than it has ever been--he seems to have accepted finally, the joy of his salvation.
Wishing you all a wonderful week with the Lord . . .

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Books or E-Readers?

There's lots of discussion out there about the merits of e-readers. Every member of our family has one. I like the fact that I have a light built in, and I can adjust the size of the font to meet the degree of eye-tiredness I am at that time experiencing. However, my heart still belongs to the book.  My husband and I laugh at ourselves as we "smell" books--is there anything more appealing to the olfactory sense than an old book? You can smell a Kindle. You can't pull it off the shelf and enjoy the beautiful cover or end pages. There's just nothing like a book.
I am doing a lot of reading for the semester, and enjoying it very much. My students, for the most part, won't read.  With the textbook for the American Revolution course, I am putting their feet to the fire. I made reading guides (questions to be answered from the chapters). They received a wake up call on Wednesday when I had them sit in a circle with me and answer the questions for the assigned reading. 90% of them had NOT read, and it was evident they were unprepared. I will keep this up until they get it . . . until they READ it.
All of the electronic STUFF they have distracts them. They can't focus, and they don't want to be encumbered with assignments. I want to change that in their lives. Foolish? Ambitious?
We'll see.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Wonderful Sunday Evening

This Sunday was "Fifth Sunday." It was Communion Sunday, and the service was both beautiful and solemn (in the best way). Michael likes to do something different in the Fifth Sunday evening worship time.  This time, we had a nice light supper of grilled cheese and tomato soup and watched this WONDERFUL movie together out in the fellowship hall. We were so pleased at the turn out and the response to the movie. I think this is probably now my all time favorite movie. If you get a chance, watch it. It should be out there on Youtube, and it is available on Amazon and at many Christian book stores.

A Happy Mistake and Sweet Memories

Yesterday morning, I fired up the family crock pot (much larger than this lovely avocado green model pictured above). I had in my possession a WONDERFUL chuck roast (Mama always told me that a chuck roast was more tender and flavorful than any other). I was going to brown it and add it to the pot with the other ingredients. Keeping it simple this time, I had mixed a can of Campbell's beefy mushroom soup and a packet of Lipton onion soup mix. Well, I didn't add the Lipton onion soup mix--it was a partial envelope of ranch seasoning from a pasta salad mix!  I felt awful. I didn't have another can of the beefy mushroom soup, and I didn't have time to replace it before school. I had to just "go with it." What kept me from panicking was the thought that I had looked at a "Dill marinated roast" recipe for the "slow cooker." I just didn't have any dill. Dill is the key ingredient for Ranch-flavored things. The only problem was "how would the ranch flavoring taste with the beefy mushroom soup." I have to tell you--Michael kept saying that it was the best roast I had made. Considering how many we have had over the years, I was pleased as punch!  Virginia made some wild rice, and I fixed a pot of cooked carrots with a brown sugar glaze. We also had a can of the boys' favorite biscuits, "Grands jr., flaky layer" to add to the fare.It was a feast! I have enough left over to fix Michael a hot lunch today.
I know I didn't discover a new approach to slow-cookery. I went on Pinterest this morning and saw all kinds of Ranch crockpot recipes. I may submit mine though, since it is a little bit different with the beefy mushroom soup.
The crockpot pictured above is just like the one I bought my mom when I was in 11th grade.  I think I purchased it from TG & Y, and I am sure it was less than $15.00. She used that thing all the time. Her specialty was slow-cooker pinto beans. Mama knew her way around the spice rack, and she added just the right amount of thyme, garlic salt and oregano. I couldn't begin to recreate her recipe. 
Michael had a long day yesterday, but I could seem him really unwind at the table. He loved the supper and he loved sitting listening to everyone talk about their day.
Don't underestimate the power of a good meal served with the family. Your recipes don't have to be the least bit fancy--just serve them with love!