Saturday, August 8, 2015

National Parks Study and Other Homeschool Plans

We have always loved National Parks in our family. We used to live within the same county as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is beautiful. We still visit the North Carolina side of the park several times each year. The kids and I have done some Park studies over the years, and I want to do another but more-in-depth study with Virginia this year. The Creation Museum folks have put together a wonderful study, and I think I will look into that (I am a little behind as you can see). I think we could put together a fun afghan using the Lion's Brand Heartland yarn --each color is named for a National Park. We can combine science and crafts!
The boys have a very full schedule at the College, and we will all be going in about 10 different directions at once. Dear Daughter will be taking Latin with me for credit as well as English 101 at the College. Having said that, we want her to work through the A Beka American literature program as well. She will be doing A Beka math.  We haven't settled on a Bible study yet nor a history. She is leaning toward music history, and Memoria Press has a good program for that.
The year will be a full one, but lots of fun, I think. 
She hopes to sing with the TMC Choral and maybe participate in handbells, plus there is always piano. I am grateful that she feels a clear direction on her life--
more than anything, she wants to be a wife, mother and homemaker, but I am pleased that she takes seriously the idea of another vocation. She can help her family, her Church and her community with the skills she is working on now. 

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