Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thinking About School

Well, time to think about getting ready for the next school year. This weekend we are traveling to a nearby state to attend their homeschool curriculum fair. I am so excited. We will use the occasion to spend the night in a nice hotel with an indoor pool. I think this will offer a welcome respite from worldly intrusions. We also hope to visit the grave site of the wonderful Ellen Wilson, the first wife of President Thomas Woodrow Wilson. 
I look forward to being able to get back with you soon with some details about our choices for the school year. 
Today, we are off to Church for the monthly food and clothing distribution. We provide lunch for the workers and the guests, and it's always an adventure coordinating all of that. Today is spaghetti day. 
Hope you all have blessed days, enjoying your fellowship with the Lord. 
Thanks for enduring my rants and critical posts of late--
the world will always be the world, but we serve the 
great I AM  and His Son, Jesus Christ. Neither They nor Their precious Word ever change. 

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