Sunday, July 12, 2015

I found this picture on Pinterest and couldn't resist it for this post. I wish my laundry area looked like this.  I have to tell you all how pleased I am at a couple of accomplishments this week. Dear daughter painted her bedroom a very different color--it is a deep blue-green--quite a departure from the apple blossom pink that has festooned the wall for the last 10 years or so. Taking things off the wall and moving things around was pretty much her responsibilities, but she did it. She also did 95% of the painting. It looks great. I will get her to take a picture for us so you can see how pretty it is. Our plan is now to start really sorting through things to make cleaning and keeping things in order easier. 
The other accomplishment was the work we got done in the boy's room. JM worked hard, Dad helped a lot, and together we were able to clean their room "within an inch of its life!" HaHa! It really does look better. I am not finished with the chest of drawers, but they're "under way."  I convinced JM to help me get all of the "stuff" out of their closet (the boys share a room--they seem to want it that way--I am grateful). The closet is now what it is supposed to be--a clever repository for clothes and shoes! 
It is a very small walk in, but there are two distinct walls, with two shelves above the pole on each side. For years, I have tried unsuccessfully to keep their clothes more or less sorted. Now they are. I got rid of things they can't wear, washed and organized everything else, Underneath their respective clothes and shelves are baskets of jeans and their shoes. The belts and ties are hanging conveniently and neatly on the wall. Sheets and blankets are on the shelves above the clothes. 
To you, this probably seems like no big deal--but getting things in order is always a major accomplishment for me. 
What I wanted to achieve with this project was a means by which the boys could easily access (FIND) what they need when they need it. I can easily see what need to be washed or ironed. They can help me help them. I want to do things for them when I can while teaching them how to help when they're needed. I think this system will work. 
Moma said that "we can control our things or our things can control us."  Daddy loved the old adage, "a place for everything and everything in its place." For a long time, I have wanted  our home to be neater and cleaner, but more than that, I want it to be a comfortable, peaceful environment. 

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