Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good-Bye to Old Friends

I am bothered by the fact that everywhere we turn, we are confronted with pithy maxims lauding the victory of "love"
over hate and condemnation. When we went into the big city to pick up our son at the airport, it was everywhere. Disney World lit up Cinderella's castle with the rainbow lights for all to see their corporate endorsement of same-sex marriage. Today, however, represented a new low:  a cross-stitch merchant I have shopped with for many years is now hawking a pattern with a rainbow and a clever saying--"Love is Love."  I have received their emails and advertisements happily since about 2003.  I sent an email asking my name to be taken off of their email lists (the don't have an "unsubscribe" link).  I didn't tell them why, but if they ask, I shall. They won't--I am just one person who has probably spent far less than many customers these past 12 years. But how sad! 
I am removing them from my list of suggested places to visit on my other blog.. I won't mention their names because I don't want to give them publicity ever again. 
They have chosen whom they will serve.

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