Friday, June 26, 2015

Rambling Thoughts for Friday

3/5 of the family has been in another state the last couple of days. JM and I have remained here so that we can continue with our summer classes and make progress in getting everything ready for JT to leave for his trip on Saturday. JM and and I went to McD's last night for supper, and watched Wheel and Jepoardy! afterwards. He had some homework for class working with those Mendelian genetic square-thingies. I think we spent about an hour or more working through the problems. JM will tell his professor he had "help" from me--although I really don't know how much I really helped. 
I am very grateful that JM has had a good time with this course. It has been very intensive, but that has been good for him and his work ethic. The class is taught from the Biblical perspective of Creation--and we are more grateful for that than you can imagine. Science is a gift of God, just like the study of History, language, music . . . all given to challenge our minds and bless our hearts. Only man can mess up these gifts.
I do not want to hear any more news this week. More SCOTUS decisions are coming down here in the next few days--and they don't promise to be anything that honors God and His Word. 
I am ready to stay in my house with the news turned off. I do look forward to everyone returning home today, although we will be going separate ways again on Saturday (JT will be gone for 2 weeks). 

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