Friday, June 19, 2015

Growing Up is Not Easy

Michael and I have been almost as excited as Virginia has anticipating this summer camp experience. She has been disappointed in other camp situations with the way young people have acted, and we had high hopes that some of those issues would not be in this camp. It has been much better than some.  But, she is in a room with 3 girls who are all 2 years younger than she is. They stay up all night on the phone texting, skype-ing and talking with guys in the camp. She kept saying on the phone, "they are disrespectful to the Lord!"  She had to get up last night and sleep in the chair in the room.  The classes she is taking are very intense and she is probably one of the most serious learners there. The teachers are stellar in their skills, and the camp is organized better than any I have ever seen. I can't say enough about the individuals involved in administration and teaching.  The good FAR outweighs the not-so-good. These experiences are all part of growing up and learning how to be accommodating and kind. But last night, she was crying because she is so tired and discouraged. Where there is fatigue, discouragement is always a half step behind.
She suffers from true migraine headaches, and we have noticed that they seem to be triggered by sleep deprivation. I just want to get all of this wrapped up so she can come home and sleep . . .
and so I can hold her in my arms. They feel so empty. Our  poor boys have had to endure lots of extra TLC from both mom and dad the past couple of days. I think they have enjoyed it . . .
I know that what she will remember will be the 99.5% of the wonderful experiences, and she will be crying because the next camp is a year away!

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