Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Family Fun

Last night was a great night. We had a later supper, but that was fine. Virginia cooked for me while I did a little housework. We were able to spend a little time together after the kitchen was cleaned up.  We are working on the Book of 1 John in Sunday School. I just so happened to have some BEAUTIFUL copywork pages with that Book of the Bible. They are so pretty. So, we prepared to sit down and work on them together. As you can see, we were joined by a couple of other members of the family--Gertie and Dad!!
Michael was so funny--he came to the table before we sat down--he brought his Bible and his latest issue of Sword of the Lord.  He said, "well, if you all are going to sit here and color . . ." He had a good time with us and we were thrilled he joined us. My father-in-law is happiest when is surrounded by his family. They don't necessarily need to be talking to him--he just likes to have them nearby. I think his son is shaping up to be the same. 
We finished a couple of pages, and Dad finished his crossword puzzle. He lives to get his Sword of the Lord  in the mail. 
Adding to the fun was the package of Keebler Simply Made chocolate chip cookies. They really are wonderful. 
Sweet times . . .

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