Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thoughts for This Day

After the concert yesterday, we went to Sonic for supper. I had made supper in the crock pot, but it will be fine for today. Everyone was hot and parched, so we just pulled into Sonic. It was great. Nothing like a Route 44 Sprite Zero when it is so hot.
When we came home, Virginia went out into her garden.  She and her dad staked her tomato plants. Her garden is beautiful. And a dear woman from our food distribution program at Church brought her a ton of strawberry plants for next year. After we came in, Virginia fixed her dad a glass of lemonade--his favorite way to combat the heat after yard work. Like the headline in the newspaper above, I feel like we are in the midst of a heatwave (and I grew up in Florida!).
For a short time, we have everyone back home. Later this week, 3/5 of us will run up to Tennessee to attend the funeral of a most godly man--in fact our oldest is named for him. Heaven is even more wonderful now with Brother Bethel there. I think I will be remaining her with JM--his summer classes are wrapping up, and he will be taking a final exam at the end of the week.
 On Saturday, our oldest son is leaving for his trip to England to study in a special program at one of the schools in Oxford. He will be gone for two weeks. 
I worry about Michael being so tired and running around all over the place with all of our busy-ness and his own. At Church, we have had several families with health crises, and he has been involved more and more with helping them and picking up the slack at Church in their absence. 
I would love the luxury a week off from life . . . . I suppose most people would!

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