Monday, May 18, 2015

Thoughts About Summer School

We have a week or two off before summer classes begin, and I am so grateful for that. We need to get lots of things done around the house and take care of eye appointments, checkups and the like. James Martin will be taking a biology course at the College (For those of you not familiar with TMC, please know that all of our biology courses teach the Scriptural Truth about the Creation of the earth.). This course will be a challenge for him, but I think he is up for it, and he understands that now is the time to learn to work even harder. The Professor told him that the summer schedule would be like trying to drink water out of an open fire hydrant. We have seen with JM that he actually works harder in the courses he "fears."  I think the course is four hours long every day. I told him that he needs to come home and study that long each day--to treat this course like an 8-hour a day job! The teacher will be fair, but the time demands will be challenging for all of them. 

 I have  Latin I and II and the First Ladies courses to teach.  
We have been talking a lot at home about Ima Virginia's summer and school year. I have mixed feelings about the early admission/accel program--it should be a supplement, not a replacement, especially for homeschooling families. Having said that, I think she would enjoy the environment of the summer courses with me. This past year, she audited two of her Dad's classes as well as a Literature class with our beloved Dr. Walton Young (she earned an A!). In that class, she read several marvelous novels from American literature. We think she might just go ahead and register for EN 101 with Dr. Young for the Fall. 
John Boy wants to write and read over the summer. He will be taking the First Ladies course as well, and I think he is going to begin on his capstone paper.  In the Fall he wants to take Greek, and that will take a lot of his time (he will love it, though). Michael and I are pleased that he really wants to take part in the MA in Theology program here. He took a course as an elective this past semester called "Theology of Worship" to help with his leading music at Church. That class's instructor, Dr. Jon Duncan, taught John Thomas so much about hymns, worship and the Lord.  I can't tell you the differences I have seen in him. 
This year has been a good one for the kids, and I am so grateful. 

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