Saturday, May 16, 2015

The 8-Second Generation

I recently read that the new norm for attention span length is 8 seconds. I can't help but think that the computers, phones and even old-fashioned remotes (!) have killed out ability to read, watch or concentrate on anything. Even Kindles and tablets used for reading offer too much opportunity to slide over to something else on the internet. I see it in myself and my children. I wonder what would happen if everyone put away their electronic devices for a day?  
One of the best things to happen did come out of a TV program Virginia and I have been watching. She loves (and so do I) a British mystery series called Rosemary and Thyme. This program is about two ladies who are gardeners and they solve mysteries! Contrived, but ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!

Virginia decided that she wanted to garden. It has not been easy getting everything together, but as of this writing, she has a BEAUTIFUL little plot out back with tomatoes, marigolds, red peppers and thyme. It is really lovely. She and her dad worked at it together.  In learning to sew and garden, she has taken a direction with her life that many never do these days. 

There's nothing like working hard at something and seeing a result.  I think we fool ourselves into wanting "instant results" but there is a deep satisfaction in working at something over time and then seeing the end product. Reading a novel, crocheting an afghan, planting a garden . . . .
something worth doing is worth the time invested. 
If they're not careful, "the 8-second generation" will miss this blessing. 

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Diane Knecht said...

This is so true with today's generation. I have trouble with the electronics just as much as the younger generation. I find myself losing focus all the time and I know it is from all the time I spend on the computer and smart phone.